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Louis Armstrong’s life

This documentary about the life of Louis Armstrong was broadcast on August 3, 2011, on BBC Radio Two. I worked as the New York reporter, recording in-depth interviews with Armstrong’s producer, George Avakian, archivist Ricky Ricciardi, Armstrong House curator Deslyn Dyer, tour guide Al Pomerantz and band leader David Ostwald.

Payola evolves

This report was first broadcast on BBC World Service radio, in March 2006. “We turn our attention to New York now, where the music industry stands accused of price-fixing, bribery and widespread corruption as never before. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has just opened another front in his crusade against Payola, accusing the radio conglomerate Entercom, […]

William Sloane Coffin

This report was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4’s obituary programme, Last Word, in May 2006. The Reverend William Sloane Coffin was a civil rights leader who used his pulpit at Yale university to encourage white students to join the African-American ‘freedom rides’ in the South. He also led controversial protests against the Vietnam war, […]