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The surveillance age takes flight

It has only taken a decade for us to become accustomed to CCTV’s ubiquity and to understand, if not accept, that our phones are being tracked. Will we accept aerial surveillance as readily?

From the front lines of the USA’s Dirty Wars

As he travels the world reporting on the United States government’s targeted killing programme, Jeremy Scahill has often been moved to apologise: to the mothers of children blown to pieces by cruise missiles in southern Yemen, to the husbands of women shot dead by special forces commandos in Afghanistan, and to the grandfather of a teenage boy, apparently executed without explanation for an act of terrorism he might one day commit.

Obama drones on

President Obama said that from now on, only confirmed terrorists that cannot be captured and present an imminent threat to the USA will be subject to lethal force. Six days later, before dawn, missiles slammed into the mud house where ur-Rehman was staying, killing everyone inside.