Kurt Vonnegut
David Simon
Grandmaster Flash
Ornette Coleman
David Byrne
Damon Albarn
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Herbie Hancock
Elizabeth Peyton
Abel Ferrara
Marvin Hamlisch
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News and politics:
Election night in Chicago
Swing state road trip
The Democratic Convention 2008
The Republican Convention 2008
Scenes from the Texas primary
Hillary Clinton concedes
Campaign exhaustion
Oratory’s importance
Daschle embarrasses Obama
Madoff pleads guilty
Niall Ferguson v Paul Krugman
Frontline PTSD takes its toll on soldiers
Carbon neutral life in Denmark
Obama picks Sotomayor
Who’s afraid of ‘socialized medicine’?
America’s healthcare system in crisis
Torture: Obama opens the box
Carter cries racism
The end of death row?
Recession recruits
The Tea Party Convention
The State of Obama
Health care summit at Blair House
Zero hour for health care reform
Ground Zero’s forgotten victims
Oil spill stains Obama
Gay marriage in court
Islamophobia in the USA
Will Palin run?
Obama at the United Nations
One country under debt
The war on drugs: forty years of failure
Who will the GOP choose in 2012?
Casey Anthony’s trial by media
New York’s first gay weddings
The Last Postie – a false alarm?
Super PACs: one big loophole
Occupy: everywhere & nowhere
Obama’s “death panel” for drone attacks
“White Plains police are going to kill me”
Obamacare on the scales
Taxes: Romney’s soft spot?
“Keep that down.” How to steal an election
Hurricane Akin hits the GOP
“A new era of truth-telling”
Can Romney come back?
As goes Ohio…
Deadlocked in Florida with one month to go
A rough guide to the 2012 presidential election
Four more years. Now what?
Washington and Colorado legalise it
One nation under guns
Stumbling towards the cliff
Female soldiers demand equality
Terrorism hits home in Boston
Obama drones on
Everything stops for tea
Bring back the firing squad?
The surveillance age takes flight
“We are all Michael Brown”
Black Lives Matter? Not in Baltimore
The Oath Keepers: a well-regulated militia in Ferguson
Brooklyn’s millennials #feelthbern
Donald Trump’s everyday bigotry
Hillary feels the Bern
Antonin Scalia’s death raises the stakes
Donald Trump: a reckoning for the Republican Party
In New York, the Democratic primary gets personal
Slash and Bern: the Democratic Party’s civil war
“The greatest attack on voting rights since segregation”
The audacity of hate: Donald Trump’s Republican Convention
The Democratic Convention papers over the cracks
Pussy grabs back, Trump lashes out
A trip to Trumpton, PA.
Black votes matter: Can Clinton count on it?
President Trump: Small Town, USA expects
A living history of the Civil Rights movement
Trumpcare: a poison pill for a system past cure
New York empties its jails
Feature articles:
Champignon Socialism in Brooklyn – how the Park Slope Food Co-op works
Darkness On The Edge Of Town – a trip to New Jersey in election season
Elite Squad Divides Brazil – a hyper-violent film’s unrepentant director
Jihad: Made In America – Minnesota’s Somali recruits
An end to the war on drugs? – Mexico and the USA
Suicide: War’s hidden toll – an epidemic among US soldiers
Dancing on the sand – a gringo in Rio de Janeiro
Between a frack and a hard place – the true cost of natural gas
Raising an army for Christ – the Christian patriarchy movement
Building a new World Trade Centre – walking iron with the “sky boys”
Larry Swearingen: Lost on Death Row – an innocent man condemned
Larry Swearingen: “How can being innocent not matter?” – from a courtroom in Montgomery County, Texas
The pacification of Rio de Janeiro – a report from the favela
It’s about [Ohio’s] economy, stupid – the swing-est state of all
Land of the free, no home for the brave – homeless veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars
Ceasefire in Rio de Janeiro – a World Cup truce?
The most guilty person in the history of Montgomery County? – The full 10,000 word story of Larry Swearingen’s case
A postcard from Rio Art Museum – culture and development by the docks
What’s that sound? – and is it art?
A new better Rio, but who for? – mega-events and the transformation of a city
The ultimate Guinness man hits five hundred – Ashrita Furman’s record-breaking life.
Where is Amarildo? – policing the police in Rio.
Twenty Feet From Stardom – backing singers of the world, unite!
The quantified dream – what can a dream database tell us?
The six thousand mile man’s guide to New York – walking the streets with Professor Bill Helmreich.
Last orders at the Chelsea Hotel – tenants take on the luxury economy.
Vai ter Copa. But then what? – Brazil holds its breath.
All Joy and No Fun – why parents love to whinge.
Down in the hole – solitary confinement in US prisons.
When life means life – teenagers condemned to die in prison.
Speed tests – the amphetamine epidemic at US universities.
Slow days in Deep France – twenty-five years in Manobre.
The Willard Asylum – a case study in care.
Do antidepressants do more harm than good?

The mind, her own business – Tan Le’s wearable EEG.
No pain, no gain – how big pharma hooked America.
Dammed if they do, damned if they don’t – Donald Trump’s infrastructure promises
The Olympics of corruption – Rio after the games
The United States of Heroin – an unprecedented epidemic
The Straight Talk Collective – life and death in Rio’s ‘pacified’ favelas
Where Wild Things Linger – a day with Maurice Sendak (RIP)
Natalie’s story – the USA’s transgender surgery boom

Author interviews:
Hanya Yanagihara, A Little Life
Richard Price, The Whites
Don DeLillo, Zero K
Bill Finnegan, Barbarian Days
Karan Mahajan, The Association of Small Bombs
Michael Lewis, The Undoing Project
Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad
George Saunders, Lincoln In The Bardo
Joyce Carol Oates, A Book of American Martyrs
Jennifer Egan, Manhattan Beach
Peter Carey, A Long Way From Home

Radio documentaries:
The Lost Veterans – a documentary about homeless veterans of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Denmark’s Energy Island – can communities generate more green energy than they use?
Repetitive Beats – a social history of electronic dance music
Robert Wilson Close-Up – the trailblazing director grants a rare interview
Louis Armstrong: Behind the Music – A giant of jazz remembered

Video games at MOMA – the art of Pacman
Tony Kushner’s new play – and an Angels in America revival
The Human Scale – Lawrence Wright’s take on Gaza
Remembering Max’s Kansas City – two new exhibitions
The Savory Collection – a treasure trove of 1930s jazz
Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics – a collaboration of open minds
Finding Frida Kahlo? – is the archive real?
West Side Story – a new bilingual Broadway production
Magic realism on stage – adapting Isabel Allende’s House Of The Spirits
You Tube’s Orchestra – promoting classical music online
You Tube’s Orchestra reaches New York
Ice Cream Jingle Rock – turning an urban menace into new music
Blondie at the Hall of Fame – Debbie Harry falls out with her old band
Kanye v Fiddy – rappers and their ‘beef’
War (Not Peace) – two rival translations of Tolstoy
Payola Evolves – Eliot Spitzer’s campaign against pay-to-play radio
William Sloane Coffin – an obituary
Afghan Films At Tribeca – from the 2007 film festival
Lost in adaptation – UK to US television
Ursula Von Rydingsvard – a sculptor, allergic to her medium
Acrassicauda – heavy metal exiles from Iraq

More music writing:
Phoenix in the USA
Sufjan’s road trip
TV On The Radio’s curse
Where are the young protest singers?
Seventy-seven drummers by the Brooklyn Bridge
Jeffrey Lewis – indigenous New Yorker
Pat Metheny’s Orchestrion
At home with The National
The Black Keys take Manhattan
Local Natives think globally
Johnny Flynn’s special relationship
A good year for the Walkmen
Steve Martin’s fifth string
Vampire Weekend, modern by design
Despatches from Cash country
Mothership collection: George Clinton cleans up
Montage of Heck: a film about Kurt Cobain
Leon Bridges: an old soul born again
Gotye gets back to Basics
Jon Bon Jovi’s crisis of faith
Becoming JG Thirlwell
Roger Waters f***ing hates interviews

More film writing:
Debra Granik’s kitchen sink fairy-tale
Vik Muniz, Waste Land, Rio de Janeiro
A therapy session with Helen Hunt
Who steals secrets? Wikileaks cries foul
Going, going, gone. David Fincher lets go.
Dancing at twilight: the ladies of Advanced Style.
“I got addicted to it” – a master forger comes clean.
Paul Thomas Anderson, Thomas Pynchon and Joaquin Phoenix walk into a bar…
Tim’s Big Eyes: a break from the Burton-esque
Christopher Nolan’s final frontier
Kill The Messenger: a fable for the post-Snowden era
I Am Not Your Negro: Raoul Peck on James Baldwin
Steven Spielberg: selling the Post in a post-truth era
Meryl Streep’s “me too” moment

Ayckbourn: from Scarborough to Broadway.
The Agony & Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.
Tony Kushner, capitalism, socialism with a guide to the scriptures.
The Human Scale – Lawrence Wright’s take on Gaza
A night at the psycho opera with Karen O