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The Olympics of corruption: Rio after the Games

Violent crime is surging, the arenas are padlocked and deteriorating, and favelas remain neglected by the state. At best, the Olympics represent a criminal waste of a prosperous decade.

William Eggleston’s true colours

There are many long, amicable pauses, but he answers every question put to him, and blesses observations that he deems acute with a courteous show of agreement: “That pretty much says it.”

Skating on thin ice with George Saunders

“I don’t want to be that guy who goes to his grave saying ‘I was going to write harder stuff but there weren’t enough jokes.’”

President Trump: Small Town, USA expects.

Few believe he will build his wall. Few care whether he was elected with Russia’s help. If he can make good on his promise to bring back jobs, all else will be forgiven. It is a big if.

Last orders at the Chelsea Hotel

“It is a place where you can be anything. It’s a place where you can say anything, write anything, paint anything.” But not for long.

“The most guilty person in the history of Montgomery County”

A few days after the execution date was confirmed, I received a message: Swearingen wanted me to watch him die.