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Louis Armstrong’s life

This documentary about the life of Louis Armstrong was broadcast on August 3, 2011, on BBC Radio Two. I worked as the New York reporter, recording in-depth interviews with Armstrong’s producer, George Avakian, archivist Ricky Ricciardi, Armstrong House curator Deslyn Dyer, tour guide Al Pomerantz and band leader David Ostwald.

Denmark’s Energy Island

The island of Samso generates much more energy than it uses – all from renewable sources. How a conservative farming community came up with a radical solution to our addiction to fossil fuels.

The Lost Veterans

Advocacy groups estimate that at least 1,500 veterans from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are sleeping rough in America’s cities. Have the lessons of Vietnam been learned?

Repetitive Beats

Back in the early days of BBC 6 Music, there was incredible scope for creative programme-making. Budgets were minimal, but it says a lot for the pioneer spirit of the network that I was given the chance to write, produce and present a four part documentary. Its title was Repetitive Beats: A Social History Of Electronic Dance Music.

The Harmony Programme

Six months of intensive musical education in Brooklyn, for children who have never picked up an instrument before. Is a model devised in Venezuela – El Sistema – the best way to teach life skills to disadvantaged kids in the West?

Robert Wilson – Trailblazer

This edition of the BBC World Service documentary strand, Close-Up, focused on the work of pioneering American theatre director Robert Wilson. Presenter Harriet Gilbert interviewed Wilson himself. I reported from the launch party of his redeveloped Watermill Centre on Long Island, speaking with artists inspired by Wilson, among them actress Isabella Rosselini and songwriter Lou Reed.