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Marina Abramovic is past present

Her days of stripping bare and cutting herself are over. Soon, if she has her way, she won’t be at the gallery at all. “You remove this, you remove that, and now I am removing myself.”

Bjork looks back (but not in anger)

The walls are lined with sheet music, the notation in her own hand. It’s apparently not enough to have blown up the barrier between pop and fine art: we haven’t reached the front of the queue and the Museum of Modern Art is welcoming her into the academy.

Tim’s Big Eyes: a break from the Burton-esque.

I ask Burton what he makes of the comparisons between Margaret Keane’s art and his own. “It gets panned,” he replies instantly, with feeling. “That show they had here at the MOMA, critically, it was completely ‘this isn’t art…’ And at the same time, it had the attendance ratings of a Picasso show.”

Video games at MOMA

The Museum of Modern Art in New York recently announced that it has acquired fourteen video games for its permanent collection, formally putting to rest the long-running discussion about whether Super Mario, Pacman and their tiny pixelated friends can be considered works of art. There were howls of protests from traditional critics, of course, and […]