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To Mars… and beyond. Buzz Aldrin’s life mission.

NASA should have sent up a poet or an artist, he reckons, to describe the view for all mankind. Because the question is always the same: “What did it feel like on the moon?” He doesn’t have an answer. “Magnificent desolation,” he called it, while he was there.

Black lives matter? Not in Baltimore.

Some think the riots damaged the community. Others call it an uprising. “There’s power in non-violent protest,” said Shorty, “but you need to show that you’re capable of violence as well.”

Last orders at the Chelsea Hotel

“It is a place where you can be anything. It’s a place where you can say anything, write anything, paint anything.” But not for long.

“The most guilty person in the history of Montgomery County”

A few days after the execution date was confirmed, I received a message: Swearingen wanted me to watch him die.

Ornette Coleman’s ideas

“The idea is immortal, it is without class and it doesn’t care anything about wealth,” he says. ” I could get my horn and play for you, and believe me, I would play something.”

Kurt Vonnegut: a Requiem for the USA

Kurt Vonnegut is dwelling on the apocalypse. For the third time over lunch America’s funniest and most pessimistic novelist is explaining why he will welcome the end of the world.